We’re joining the brand new Cambridge Festival this year, by putting on an interactive workshop about what the history of secondary education can tell us about how society in the UK has changed since 1945. Join us on 29th March 2021 at 17.30, where Professor Peter Mandler will discuss the types of sources historians use when studying secondary education and social change – from school magazines, to the layout of schools, to headteachers’ log books – and  history teacher Molly Navey will deliver part of a lesson formed from SESC‘s research.

Free tickets and more information available via this link: https://sesc.eventbrite.co.uk  

Film nights

Partly to engage people with our research, and partly for fun, we’ll be holding a series of film nights in Cambridge throughout the duration of our research project. We’ll be screening contemporary films depicting different educational experiences from across our period, which will hopefully spark new questions about the representation of secondary education in popular media and culture since the Second World War.

Keep an eye on this page for updates about upcoming film nights, and for comments and reflections on what we have watched so far.

Read Chris Jeppesens blog post on To Sir, With Love (1967), which we screened on 22 January 2018, here